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  1. I agree with you, I don't mind it being pushed back a few weeks (or even months) if it means a more stable/complete game when it's released. It's not really surprising that it's being pushed back though, their deadlines were always very optimistic when most of what they shown was either in Alpha or just concept art (like everything that has to do with workers/animals). I've never been a fan of dates "set in stone" for games release or milestones, it just means that they will release whatever they have at the moment just to stick to the release date instead of releasing it when they feel it's ready. It's not rare to see games with very "loose" release dates, where the final date is announced only a few days or weeks in advance, and I think that ultimately that's what's best for everyone. You can keep generating some hype by releasing dev blogs, screenshots or videos, but don't commit to a date (or even a month/quarter) before you're sure that you can deliver.
  2. That's really neat, I forgot about that too FS17 will have the Seasons mod soon, but it's nice to see features like this included in the game. It will allow for a more complete integration if the devs are working with the concept of Seasons right from the start!
  3. It looks really interesting, I'm very curious to see what the game will turn out like. The trailers look very promising and it's all in-game footage, I wonder if this could (finally) be the first real competitor to GIANTS' FS. It's nice to see them heading in a different direction, cathering for a different audience.