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  1. Yea, I really like the way you can adjust the sides and such. Lot of custom options by the looks of things.
  2. Anyone seen the latest devlog?
  3. What was everyone's thoughts on the beta being delayed? Personally, I didn't mind seeing it. I would much rather them delay it and release a quality product than a rushed job. Also it is better for them, if they do a good job on the beta they could create more interest in the game.
  4. That is a decent video. Really like the tramlines and the movement of the crop in the wind.
  5. I forgot cattle and crops had seasons until I seen this video today. It's worth the watch, they have done a really good job on it.
  6. I think everyone is racing to get the good user names
  7. Yea me too. It looks like they are building a game for the more hardcore fans. Giants have always built their games to try and suit everyone. CNC are basically trying to build a very realistic simulator by the looks of things. Hopefully it runs as well as it looks.
  8. Thought I would make a topic to discuss all the latest news, updates etc Really like the latest video from cattle and crops. Its going to make the maize harvest a little trickier