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  1. Initially, I hated it. Sooo much is wrong, buggy, broken, unavailable. The whole development process has been a farce. The launcher doesn't work properly. I had to update my graphics drivers to play. It's laggy, the keypresses are the same as FS, there's lots of missing features (beacons, horn?). There isn't the detail we had hoped for (click literally anything in the cab). The physics needs a LOT of tweaks, the sounds are terrible, the camera is WTF. But.. I have this same feeling as when the first FS demo (bauernhof simulator) came out. I'm addicted, and I can see huge potential. Once you start driving around, suddenly it makes sense: the vehicles act pretty realistically, which is a great improvement. The wet fields are awesome, got stuck pretty quickly, then got another tractor stuck trying to rescue it. The more I play around, the more I want to do more. I want to have a go with a forager, I want to try ploughing, drilling.. It's addictive. I know the development has had it's issues. There's a lot of pressure, and FS has got so much better since the CNC project started.. it's an uphill struggle to keep on top, but I think I'll give it a chance. I'm still a bit worried because we have not seen much gameplay recently. But, I'm looking forward to phase 2 and 3 of the EA release this month, hopefully it stays on schedule.
  2. The lighting looks incredible. On the whole, it's really cool
  3. It's nearly time for Early Access!
  4. If you're from, introduce yourself here I'm Russ, of course!
  5. Here's what we know for certain about the game: 3D, first person, farming simulation Reference Will be available to buy on Steam Link Employees and AI Workers Reference / Video Animals Reference Crops will grow depending on ground conditions Reference Dynamic weather system Reference / Video Dynamic ground Video / Video Seasons Video Main tractor brands are CLAAS, Deutz Fahr, Mercedes Reference / Video / Video Multiplayer Reference Modding Support Reference In-cab clickable controls Video Complex systems for handling crops/produce Video
  6. These are the official links for Cattle and Crops: Cattle and Crops Website ( Blog / Vehicles / Brands / FAQ / Gallery / Features ) Cattle and Crops on Steam Greenlight Cattle and Crops Kickstarter ( Official Crowdfunding Page ) Cattle and Crops YouTube Channel You can Preorder Cattle and Crops Kickstarter here starting at 33€ (links to official Cattle and Crops website)
  7. Hello, I've been offered the chance to have an interview with the CnC devs. I want to ask them all about how we can build an amazing modding community around their game-changing project. If you have some questions for the devs, please post them here. I will try to answer all of them, and I'll write up the replies. I'm not sure when the interview will take place, probably sometime next month. Cheers, Russ
  8. Just wanted to welcome everyone to our new community We've decided to start The Cattle and Crops Place to create a gaming community around the upcoming Cattle and Crops game, which launches in Early Access in March 2017. Aside from a rich and diverse feature set, the game will feature a powerful modding SDK. The game has already been green-lit on Steam and raised over 330,000 euros from crowdfunding. We're all looking forward to seeing what the game becomes, and more importantly what the community becomes! If you need anything at all, whether it's help with using the forum or a feature request for the website, feel free to message me. Cheers, Russ
  9. The Cattle and Crops dev team just showed this picture of a CLAAS Tucano work-in-progress!