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  3. Apparently there is an article about CnCin the Stark 1/2017 this sis a google Translate of a post by ThE2DoC on the main Cattle and Crops forum 4 hours ago New On the whole, it is all about the genesis of how people got to know each other. What might be interesting at the beginning is a developer map and even maize cultivation and bull mast. Take the time to test the mechanics of the feed and plant mechanics together. In the test phase a Germany map come up and up to 40 machines. When asked what animal and / or plants there will be. According to MBB, we have a lot of influence on testers. So quite coarsely.
  4. That is a decent video. Really like the tramlines and the movement of the crop in the wind.
  5. I'm not sure if this has been shown anywhere, but I found this footage on youtube today from a youtube who is an official media partner.
  6. Hello all. Same name from Fs uk. In mp world also known as Viking. I am looking forward to see how this game will turn out to be. Like what I seen so far!
  7. 1. What is their take on directional planting/harvesting? If they are looking to implement something like this, how detailed will be? Only visual (not just ground lines like in FS, but crops growing in that direction as well?), or will it have an impact on harvesting as well (e.g. for potatoes, if not driving in the correct direction, picking up less of the crop and destroying some)? 2. How detailed will soil management be? Only fertilization / plowing like FS, or more (irrigation, PH, etc.)? 3. How will mod distribution be dealt with? Will there be a developer-managed website, with possible integration in the game (FS17 like), or are there plans for a Steam release, and thus Steam workshop integration? I have many more questions, but I'll keep it short for now. Have fun on the interview Russ.
  8. Hi its Dan, not much of a poster of FS UK but I like to edit FS maps and vehicles. Loving the looks of this game and I would really like to get into the modding for this game
  9. What is the standard map size. Will different map sizes be supported through modding?
  10. I had never actually noticed this video It's really effective I must admit. CNC has defiantly showed that they are trying to make things easier from what I can see that is. And incorporating the things that a lot of people have asked for in FS. I look forward to future of CNC.
  11. That's really neat, I forgot about that too FS17 will have the Seasons mod soon, but it's nice to see features like this included in the game. It will allow for a more complete integration if the devs are working with the concept of Seasons right from the start!
  12. Ohhhh boy I cant wait!
  13. Haha yep! Soon all names will be takenšŸ¤“
  14. Sup Well its me, Jimmy or Alienware_X51 from fs-uk as some of you maybe have seen from the gallery.
  15. Still studying Life the Universe etc at the U3A. Looking forward to the new game and the challenges it will bring both in gameplay and modding
  16. Luckily having an unusual username means I can register when I want really. I'm happy that there's a separate C&C forum, even though I will always support FS I certainly hope that this forum grows to the similar standard of FS-UK Thanks|Chocolatecake2001
  17. I forgot cattle and crops had seasons until I seen this video today. It's worth the watch, they have done a really good job on it.
  18. Yeah, I'm really interested in this aspect and how they will approach it. They have said that they want to give users the options to adjust realism, I want to know what this means exactly. Are they going to have a scale or slider bars for options like working speed or inflating hp numbers? I think it's brilliant. With FS, we are forced to rely on mods to have realism, but with CnC it's built in. I'm hoping they will make it so even the kids from farming simulator will be able to have fun and make the game as arcade as they want. The more these games compete with each other, the better for everybody.
  19. I have two questions: 1. How open are the scripts going to be. Are they going to show nothing, all of them or just some of them like in FS, making you guess to fill in the blanks? 2. Are they going to eventually produce materials to make modding easier? I know this may not be a priority at first, as they are trying to just get the game out, but I think this is a big part of why Giants became so big. I originally got started modding by watching Giants video tutorials, and am curious about CnC plans for the future here.
  20. Oh most definitely!
  21. Hello all, same username, more of a forum watcher than a poster but really looking forward to this game.
  22. Hey, I am MetalGovy from fs-uk A member there since 2010. Trying to be active as much as i can.
  23. It's nearly time for Early Access!
  24. I think everyone is racing to get the good user names
  25. Finally!!!! I can just have my name on a forum for once! Hurray! by the way it's taylor0o9... uhoh!
  26. Err, well I guess my username says it all...
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