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    • Initially, I hated it.

      Sooo much is wrong, buggy, broken, unavailable. The whole development process has been a farce. The launcher doesn't work properly. I had to update my graphics drivers to play. It's laggy, the keypresses are the same as FS, there's lots of missing features (beacons, horn?). There isn't the detail we had hoped for (click literally anything in the cab). The physics needs a LOT of tweaks, the sounds are terrible, the camera is WTF.


      I have this same feeling as when the first FS demo (bauernhof simulator) came out. I'm addicted, and I can see huge potential.

      Once you start driving around, suddenly it makes sense: the vehicles act pretty realistically, which is a great improvement. The wet fields are awesome, got stuck pretty quickly, then got another tractor stuck trying to rescue it.

      The more I play around, the more I want to do more. I want to have a go with a forager, I want to try ploughing, drilling.. It's addictive.

      I know the development has had it's issues. There's a lot of pressure, and FS has got so much better since the CNC project started.. it's an uphill struggle to keep on top, but I think I'll give it a chance.

      I'm still a bit worried because we have not seen much gameplay recently. But, I'm looking forward to phase 2 and 3 of the EA release this month, hopefully it stays on schedule. 

    • As most of you will know , the Tech Demo has now been released.

      Its early days , but after taking a little spin round and cultivating the field in the 1st mission,the physics don't feel crazy and the buildings look very nice too. I personally think this game has lots of potential and is nothing like some of the other Farm Expert, ProfessionalFarmer games we have seen on the market that have generally flopped in comparison to our No 1 Farm Sim of choice Farming Simulator .



    • Hi.  But am I the real Yelibam?

    • 4 hours ago, Bigman said:

      Does anyone know of any more news about C&C as I have heard nothing for a wild.

      Over on the C&C forums they posted this yesterday:


      Just so you have almost no reason to think we’d spend all our time on the moon…

      We’ve dedicated our in in almost all areas of the game: the AI turn maneuvers are being optimized; at the same time we’ve integrated an info hud system that’ll deliver all kinds of messages and info flashes to the player. Our level designers are concentrating all their brain power on LOD (level of detail) and performance improvements, but also the extension of the road system (texture layers) and the optimization of the village (clustering).

      In addition we’ve updated the roadmap today and have added further progress entries.

      Have a nice weekend!


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    • Does anyone know of any more news about C&C as I have heard nothing for a wild.

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