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    • Apparently there is an article about CnCin the Stark 1/2017

      this sis a google Translate of a post by ThE2DoC on the main Cattle and Crops forum

      4 hours ago

      On the whole, it is all about the genesis of how people got to know each other.

      What might be interesting at the beginning is a developer map and even maize cultivation and bull mast.

      Take the time to test the mechanics of the feed and plant mechanics together.
      In the test phase a Germany map come up and up to 40 machines.

      When asked what animal and / or plants there will be.
      According to MBB, we have a lot of influence on testers.

      So quite coarsely.

    • That is a decent video. Really like the tramlines and the movement of the crop in the wind.

    • I'm not sure if this has been shown anywhere, but I found this footage on youtube today from a youtube who is an official media partner.


    • Hello all. Same name from Fs uk. In mp world also known as Viking.

       I am  looking forward to see how this game will turn out to be. Like what I seen so far!

    • 1. What is their take on directional planting/harvesting?

      If they are looking to implement something like this, how detailed will be? Only visual (not just ground lines like in FS, but crops growing in that direction as well?), or will it have an impact on harvesting as well (e.g. for potatoes, if not driving in the correct direction, picking up less of the crop and destroying some)?

      2. How detailed will soil management be? Only fertilization / plowing like FS, or more (irrigation, PH, etc.)?

      3. How will mod distribution be dealt with? Will there be a developer-managed website, with possible integration in the game (FS17 like), or are there plans for a Steam release, and thus Steam workshop integration?

      I have many more questions, but I'll keep it short for now. Have fun on the interview Russ.

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